Youth and ICT in Agriculture Programme

Shea Butter Production
May 8, 2014
Violence Against Women & Girls
December 30, 2016

The overall goal of the programme is aimed at facilitating the economic transformation of youth in Northern Ghana’s agricultural sector, particularly soybean to achieve a greater degree of stability in their enterprises and livelihoods, and will as well contribute to nutritional improvement for children under 5 years and their families. Current global efforts at addressing the challenges of Youth participation and commitment to exploiting and utilising ICT to enhance their capacities for self-employment, entrepreneurship and empowerment have so far yielded widely varied results. By its design the programme will recognize the complexity of factors that drive youth entrepreneurship and the multi-sectoral nature of the phenomenon and challenge of youth unemployment/under-employment in Northern Ghana in addressing factors impacting entrepreneurship (such as access to credit, property rights, regulatory restrictions, and weak infrastructure) and the societal context shaping youth entrepreneurship, such as values, attitudes towards youth entrepreneurship, and social and professional networks. This programme will be designed to improve upon and develop soybean value chain, because soybean is a youth-and women-friendly crop, having quietly escaped from the basket of staple crops cultivated in Northern Ghana. This makes soybean the most crop cultivated by youth, who obtain immediate cash to meet their ever-increasing personal and business needs.

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