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About Us


YOVI exists to help empower women, children and other vulnerable groups, among others, to contribute meaningfully towards national development and prosperity.


Since our establishment, YOVi has provided over 364 eligible rural women with revolving loans to better the lives. These loans are provided along with skills training and educational programmes to ensure that all participants come together to learn and support each other in their ventures. As part of our organisation’s development plan, YOVi will set up a sheabutter village and register with the Ghana Export Promotion Council to export sheabutter to the UK and USA.

We have reached over 12 basic schools and 1,780 in-school youth on SRHR education and services within the Tamale Metropolis and its environs. Young people, mostly adolescents are organized into clubs and through a round table discussion, deliberate issues concerning their sexuality, education, child rights & responsibilities, and carrier development.

We have successfully supported 35 women located in our project communities to embark on agriculture production in variety of crops such as maize, soybean and millet. In Northern Ghana, it is very common to see youth idling under trees playing cards or lude. In the near future, YOVi intends to organize these young people into cooperatives to engage agribusiness.


YOVi believes in collaboration as impetus for cost-effective intervention. The activities of YOVi are oriented towards encouraging entrepreneurship as a solution to eliminating poverty. Moreover, our core vision lies in enhancing the welfare of families living in rural communities in Northern Ghana. Recognised as the most vulnerable groups, there is a special focus on promoting the survival, protection and empowerment needs of youth, women and children. YOVi was set up to promote and enhance the welfare of these groups by opening and linking them through sources of opportunities in education for children, skill training, livelihood empowerment, ICT and exchange programmes.

Our History

Organizational Background

Youth Development and Voice Initiative (YOVi) was founded by young people who showed concern about the deplorable plight of the rural population in the Northern Region of Ghana; especially the conditions of many women and children. They pledged their commitment to work together to improve the prospects and opportunities of these vulnerable groups. YOVi is a registered Youth-led Non-profit, Nonpolitical, Non-ethnic NGO that exists to help empower youth, women and children and other vulnerable groups to contribute meaningfully towards national development and prosperity. Members of YOVI in forming the organization, recognized the fact that children are the most vulnerable group in society and need a little push in order to realize their dreams and aspirations. With solid backgrounds and experience in working with children, YOVI developed educational programmes to help unlock new opportunities and develop their full potential.

We began providing revolving loans to help families who only need a small amount of capital to facilitate their businesses. These loans are organised around groups to provide a network of support and discussion whilst also creating a feeling of community. YOVi is a member of the Ghana NGO Coalition on the Rights of the Child (GNCRC), NGOs in Health Coalition, Livelihood Support Network (LSN) responsible for child rights issues, Health and Livelihood Empowerment.

Our Mission

To work together with Stakeholders, development partners, and poor communities to advocate for the respect of the rights of children, Youth and Women to derive change on their own terms whilst contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of young people through SRHR education and services.

Our Vision

A society free from all forms of abuses, poverty and gender inequality, violence against women and children with improved quality education for all, health and well-being.